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Free Standing

Easily installed and packed with features, a freestanding dishwasher is a standalone device that can be installed within your kitchen cabinets without needing to be built in. Cut Price Kitchens offers a range of dishwashers to suit your needs, from a 10 place setting dishwasher to a 14 place setting dishwasher. Even though they may seem similar from the outside, there are many different features to consider when buying a freestanding dishwasher. You will find various wash programs and options for everything from quick washes to intensive cycles. Many models are even highly rated for energy and water consumption, making the most of eco-friendly features and energy-efficient functions.

With a selection of different finishes, you can match your dishwasher to your kitchen's color scheme. Easy to operate and intuitively designed, our freestanding dishwashers take the hassle out of the kitchen. Washing smarter is easy with Cut Price Kitchens, with flexible loading options for pots and cutlery and more effective and efficient cleaning capabilities. Find the ultimate time-saver for your kitchen today by choosing one of our feature-packed dishwashers!


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Our range of smart and eco-friendly dishwashers makes dishwashing a breeze. Our advanced technology gives you the ultimate sense of mastery when it comes to home care. Cut Price Kitchens offers dishwashers designed to meet your needs, and they unload and stack more efficiently. We offer high-quality freestanding dishwashers for sale that will make your dishes sparkle. To learn more about how to select the perfect dishwasher for your needs, contact our experts today! Scroll up to browse our dishwasher selection!